Motion pictures not working


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  • John Lockburner

    First it's hard for a camera to sense an animal walking directly towards or away from the camera. Second, remember that the camera isn't going to do anything while it's sending a picture so if the camera takes the time lapse photo and it takes a minute to send even if the deer is jumping around it's not going to take another picture. The deer also needs to move to get the camera to trigger as well, if it's basically standing in the same spot eating that might not be enough movement to trigger the camera. Using the start stop times be aware that you need to have both sets of start stop times set to incorporate all 24 hours of the day. Anything outside of those start stop times and the camera is basically off. If I were you I would lower the camera where you have it mounted and angle it up a little bit, I think it will help with the detection and also help the flash carry out farther. The picture is also showing P3, your batteries are getting low and that's not going to help detection either.

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