One camera stopped sending pics on dec22& the other on dec 25.traveled out to cameras yesterday which are 3 hours away and changed batteries and sd cards the one camera communicated last nite but didn’t send any pics , the other camera didn’t update



  • John Lockburner

    If you are using premium how's your premium credits? What model number(s) are the cameras, GC-????

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  • Elizabeth Swoope

    Did you try to take/send photos manually while you were at the cameras? (With camera in setup and online, aim it at something then press OK to take a pic and OK again when prompted to send pic. Camera should say setting, sending, sent.)

    What did the camera that communicated do? What update is the other camera supposed to do?

    Also, when you post a message, just use a short summary for the subject/title, then include all your information in the body of the message rather than cramming everything into the subject/title.

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