New App only keeps photos for 30 days



  • John Lockburner

    You can save all your pictures at one time by pressing on one photo to highlight it (yellow box around it) and then hit the select all option and then save. The pictures will all be saved to your phones gallery at that point and will not be deleted with the purge. The reason for the 30 day max is because after too many photos are stored in the app it can create severe lag in the app. It also has nothing to do with paying for storage space because the photos are stored on your phone. If you want a nice backup in case your phone dies or you lose it you can use a cloud storage system that will automatically backup the pictures as they get to your phone.

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  • Elizabeth Swoope

    I’m pretty sure your post isn’t going to be deleted. I don’t even know who has deletion powers but it isn’t any of us regulars.

    I can’t imagine trying to find the “gold” amongst 15K photos. At least you’re not the guy with over 119K photos backed up to his phone. With the photos saved to the phone’s storage, you can organize them by buck rather than by camera by putting them in folders (Android) or tagging them for different albums (iOS). 

    What “bait and switch”? Photos have always been purged from the portal after 30 days. You can still keep every photo you want to keep on your phone by saving it. Nowhere was there any advertisement that you’d an keep an unlimited number of unsaved photos on your phone forever and ever, amen. If you want to keep a photo, just tap the save button when you’re viewing it or save several from the same camera at once as Johnny mentioned.

    Why not try the new app first and see what you think? 

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