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  • John Lockburner

    I don't think that is true, who is the cameras carrier and where are you getting your data? That dealer may have been thinking WiFi cameras not cellular.

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  • Elizabeth Swoope

    These cameras don’t use WiFi. 

    If the camera is an AT&T model and you had it on you AT&T cell plan, you’ll be able to get data from Spartan or AT&T (Buy-A-Session/DataConnect). You may have to get a different SIM, but you’ll be fine.

    If the camera is any other carrier (US Cellular, CellCom, Bluegrass, Nex-Tech), then you should be able to get a data plan from them, but a standalone data plan (as opposed to having it on your cell phone plan for a few bucks) may be a bit pricey. 

    The camera doesn’t have to use the same carrier your phone uses in order for you to get pictures. I have Verizon cell phones but am running more AT&T cameras, a few Verizon ones, and a couple of US Cellular ones. I had a Sprint one until recently.

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