Update status report malfunction


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  • Elizabeth Swoope

    Can you explain exactly the steps you are using? Android or iOS?

    I tested with iOS and Android. With both, from the home page, I dropped down the menu for a camera and chose Status Report and it took me to the status report page. I also did it from the Home page by tapping the signal/battery indicator icons.

    From the Status Report page, I tapped the menu in the upper right corner and chose Request Report.

    I didn’t get that message any of the ways I tried so I think it may be something to do with your phone or account. 

    Have you tried logging out of the app and back in?

    What model camera do you have? GC-what? If it’s not one of the old, original 3G cameras (IOW, if it’s anything from the GC-ATTx or after, any camera that can transmit video), then the status report updates each time the camera sends a photo or video. 

    If we can narrow down what the problem might be and it remains a problem, I’ll report it.

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