Trigger Status Work Days Ghost Cam



  • John Lockburner

    Sounds like the last change is still pending. Did you make the change back to all days on the app?

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  • Elizabeth Swoope

    Do you have any scheduled events set? That would get the camera to check in periodically throughout the day so it would get settings changes within a couple of hours.

    Instead of using work days, just set a start stop time. Have it stop just before the work crew arrives and start back about the time they leave. 

    Scheduled events: I have status reports at midnight, either 2 or 3 am (takes care of time changes), 7 am (so I can request videos or HD photos from any interesting photos overnight), noon, and 6 pm, then photos at 9 AM, 3 PM, and 9 PM. There are a couple more events available so you might have different times that suit you better.

    If you don’t have any scheduled events other than the default status report at midnight, your camera won’t get the setting change until midnight and the camera will start working again then.

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