Picture download issue



  • John Lockburner

    If you have a lot of pictures sometimes it takes a while to catch up, especially if the cell or wifi signal is a little weak. What did you do to disconnect the camera?

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  • Elizabeth Swoope

    When you say you disconnected your camera, do you mean that you turned the camera off or that you turned automatic download off in the app or that you hid the camera or something else entirely.

    If you didn’t turn the camera off, you may want to log on to the portal (my.spartancamera.com) and filter the pictures there starting from the day you “disconnected the camera”. There are 24 pics per page, so you can get a idea how many pics there are to be downloaded. If you turned automatic download off, then turned it back on and/or requested download, you’ll have all those “old” pictures to download. If you hid the camera and unhide it, I think you have a choice of no old pics, that last 50 pics, or all pics.

    As Johnny says, if there are a lot of pictures, it may take a while to download. You may want to close/reopen the app, log out and back in, restart your phone. 

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