Camera will not send photos to phone



  • John Lockburner

    Is this a camera that was working and stopped or one that is a new setup?

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  • Steve Huff

    Mi e is doing same thing. Camera is taking pictures not sending to phone.

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  • Elizabeth Swoope


    Please start your own thread so your troubleshooting doens’t get confused with Tracy’s.

    Please post a screen shot of the status report from the app and a picture of the SD card if you can either take one or find one online.

    Have you checked, Camera Management to see if the pictures are there. We need to figure out whether the camera is sending the pics to the portal and they’re not making it to the phone or whether it’s not sending them at all.

    What happens when you take/send a manual photo (camera in setup, on the network, point it at something, press OK to take pic and OK again to send)? What does the screen say.

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