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  • Tony Whitley

    Can’t get Acc to change settings only view settings
    Please heal

  • Camerapw1

    I have three cameras. All three display photos in the web portal but only two are displaying in my mobile app. What do I need to do to get the third camera synced with the mobile app?

  • Steve Sun

    If you can view settings, mostly like you have pending download or retrieving settings.


  • Steve Sun

    The third camera may not have the access code set under My Cameras > Mobile Access. After you set the Access Code, go back to the app and add the third camera. Or simply Authenticate if you used existing Access code.  

  • ron laymance

    Camera was working good had set to send to two different emails. It Stopped sending to one. Went to lease batteries were low.changed them out. Still no pics to that email but got them to other. Now no pics to either for past 2 days. I have credits

  • eswoope

    Do you have any scheduled events set? Have you gotten the midnight status report? When is the last time the camera checked in?

    since you are running premium, is there a reason you aren’t using the app?

  • ron laymance

    No events set. Last pic morning of 17th. No status reports either. No pics on app either

  • eswoope


    I forgot to ask which model camera. Have you checked to be sure that you have an active data plan (applies mainly to AT&T cameras)?

    I recommend setting some scheduled events. It helps with knowing either that the camera is working or identifying that there is a problem fairly quickly. A couple or three pictures or status report events are a good idea.

  • Bradhunt

    Have 2 cameras I activated roughly 1 month ago. I have been getting emails of images but all images are not showing up on online account and no new images. Please advise what is happening.

  • Jhartsfield124

    I am receiving pictures to my email, but I have three mobile number I want it to send pictures as text messages no emails. What do I need to do?

  • eswoope


    You must enter the phone numbers as email addresses. You add a suffix that's specific to each phones carrier after the number.

    For AT&T phone numbers, type after the 10-digit number. For Verizon, type after the number. For any other phone carrier, you need to check with the carrier for their picture mail address.

    If you use premium service and the app, an unlimited number of devices can receive the pics.

  • eswoope


    I'm not sure how your message slipped through the crack. I hope you've resolved the problem since it was so long ago. My first guess would be that you are out of premium credits since you said you activated your cameras about a month before you posted.

  • Dave Flowers

    Since you changed / update the mobile app I've lost once camera out of 2 ( no access to it) and when I log into my mobile app all I get now is (Error Optional (909) - Access Denied.


    NOT GOOD...

  • eswoope

    Is that a shared camera? If so, shared to you or by you? That message is associated with shared camera access being revoked. 

  • eswoope

    The fastest way to sort this out is probably to contact tech support, 770-582-0004 9 AM - 6 PM Eastern M-F. They’ll have access to your account.

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