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  • Rick Lange

    Also when trying to change the time zone on my Spartan GoCam, changing it to Central time zone fails also and asks me to try again.  I am thinking I may have a dud camera.  :-(

  • eswoope


    Please post on the regular forum, starting your own thread.

    What model camera? How are you changing the time zone (in the camera, on the portal or app using settings?)? 

    Probably not a dud camera, probably something else.

  • fishon592

    I have a Older camera, Manually not needing a cell service. I'm wondering if this is why my cameras not taking pictures. I will set the camera up then turn it on and it Won't take pictures. I am able to take test pictures in setup mode. Seems the motion sensors are faulty. Anyone with Some information on this problem greatly appreciate it

  • eswoope


    Please post this in the forum rather than on this article.

    You may want to call tech support, though. 770-582-0004 9 AM - 6 PM Eastern M-F.

  • russell.marshburn

    I am having problems with night pictures turning completely green. It starts off at dusk turning partly green then after dark it goes completely green.

  • eswoope


    That could be a stuck filter. Try whacking the camera a time or two. It may also be a bad SD card.

    You may want to contact tech support. or 770-582-0004 9 am - 6 pm Eastern M - F.

    if you have more questions, please post a new topic on one of the discussion forums. Questions tacked on to articles sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

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